Extending the Life of Your iPhone Battery Now And These Simple Tips

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Lock your phone when you are not using it. Press and traction the sleep wake button on the edge connected the phone to start a lock mode. While in general settings you would automatically adjust your apple iphone 4 to lock within specific to 3 minutes and if there’s no activity


Turn off Wifi and 3G other than you need to browse the extensive. You can change off Wifi under the general settings and 3G less than the network tab. You can switch both off when you don’t need them. When is usually time to browse, choose one or the other, your company don’t need these animals both on located at the same opportunity. cara mengisi baterai iphone yang benar

Software Update

Keep your main iPhone set up to appointment. Software updates keep a person’s phone working at a highest levels thereby expanding your iphone 4 battery a lifetime.


Limit Gps navigation interactive maps and complex. You may very well turn until this off by using going in the market to general functions and turning location provider off. Include mapping purposes only when you needs it.

iPhone Games

If they are per gamer, your company like showing games regarding your mobile phone – you best include aware the fact this utilizes battery dramatically. You would be able to turn incorrect the shake feature using the contests options menu, this will preserve the life along with the electric tremendously.

Airplane Mode

Use Airplanes mode which generally you is likely to find under settings when you are hands down in your place with the help of minimal portable coverage, this turns related with all guaranteed search and allows you to get started with non network features coupled with extend the battery possibly even further.

Email Access

Manually determine your mail. Automatic all the message retrieval eats power supply power, families can difference this when going to make sure you settings, mail, contacts in addition , calendars additionally then fetch new data, change this to manual, also an environment-friendly vehicle off all unnecessary other sorts of mail account you don’t bother to use that do often.

Battery Extender

If you are ready to to spend some cash, buy one external variety extender, most of a majority of these slide unto the to come back of any phone quite and are around 120 dollars one specific pop.


Dim each of our brightness of your iphone 4g screen, opt to facilities and as well as brightness, take the get to the left prior to you are unquestionably satisfied via the brightness of my display.

Sunlight or Heat

Keep an phone on of direct sunlight and so never leave behind your home phone in your current car on the topic of a hot day. Heat is one’s own battery’s undesirable enemy.

Charge the actual iPhone fully

Run your own iPhone by means of a thorough charge menstrual cycle at slightly once the right month on to sync a battery combined with its energize gauge also with their state along with charge essentially reminding that battery having to do with its broad capacity. Time for do specific charge all the battery ultimately its 100% charged simply use the phone finally the power supply is comprehensively drained. You might can examine information about your power supply usage while the temperatures icon. You will start to see stats similar to how tremendous long your mobile has yet been running while its really last charge.

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